Transcarpathian region

Uzhgorod – capital

Uzhgorod has been administrative centre of Transcarpathian Region since 1946 (approx. 117 000 th. inhabitants). The town is situated 3 km from Slovakia and river Uzh, after which the town has its name, runs through it.

International airport together with modernised railway stations provide town connection to the rest of Ukraine and Europe.

Uzhgorod is frequently visited by tourists, the most attractive places are Uzhgorod Castle, Roman Catholic Cathedral or popular architecture open-air museum. Also T.G.Masaryk bust, the first Czechoslovakian president belongs to town’s interesting places.


The second important place of Transcarpathian Region (approx. 83 000 inhabitants) is situated 25 km southeast from Uzhgorod in Latorica river valley.

At times of early settlement a mill used to be here from which, as the legend says, the name of the town comes. Among important monuments of the town we can mention Palanok castle (9th century) or monastery built in 14th century.


In times of the first Czechoslovakian republic Transcarpathia (formerly known as Carpathian Ruthenia) was its easternmost part.

Present area is 12 777 km2 with high mountains (80% of the area), grassy Poloniny hills and deep forests.

The area is further administratively divided in 13 districts. In total we can find here 11 towns and about 600 villages.

Transport infrastructure

Since medieval ages Transcarpathia has been important intersection of trade routes connecting quickly and efficiently European states from all compass points.

The main railway is part of 5th Pan-European corridor crossing another important transport corridor in direction Baltic Sea – Black Sea (Gdansk –Odessa)

Further 17 frontier crossings with European Union are here. Total length of roads for personal cars and trucks is 3,5 thousand km.

Natural resources

The Transcarpathian Ukraine is traditionally considered as a rich forest and agricultural region. Particular timber species are represented by beech (59%), spruce and fir (32%) and oak (7,5%).

The region is the most preserved primeval forest place in Europe. In 1968 a biosphere ecosystem was formed here which was registered in UNESCO list.

The region is rich in many mineral raw materials and some of them are localised only for this region. For example alunite, halite, perlite or polymetal fields are found here.

In respect of travel tourism, the Transcarpathian Region is very rich in mineral and thermal springs (136 natural lakes).


Main part of economically active population is concentrated in production sphere. Agriculture (growing of corn, potatoes, vegetables and wine) and forestry represent a significant share.

Other important industries of Transcarpathian Region are:

  • machinery (automotive, electric motors, machine tools)
  • food industry (milk products, mineral waters)
  • building industry (aggregates, lime)
  • wood-processing industry (sawn timber, charcoal)
  • mining (common and industrial salts)
  • handicraft industry (furriery, pottery, weaving)
  • electrical engineering

Travel industry

Sinyevir national park (area 40ha) with highest mountain lake in Ukraine (989 above sea level) is on of the most visited tourist sights of Transcarpathian Region. Tourists may try travelling on traditional rafts and also museum of rafting, unique in Europe is here.

In southern part of the Sinyevir National Park, there is village Kolochava, place and birthplace Nikola Suhaj the Robber (Ivan Olbracht’s novel) and Museum of Czechoslovakian school.

Sinyevir National Park is a region of traditional mountain villages, open-air-museums and natural monuments. About 48 mineral springs are rising here which attract people from the whole world due to its healing effects.

The specific Carpathian mountains are also popular resort for mountain trekking. Its eastern part (ski resorts Dragobrat, Bukovel) is frequently visited in winter.

In the Transcarpathian Region many companies with foreign capital operate at present

For example:

  • Ltd. “Yazaki-Ukraine” (Japan)
  • Ltd. “Jabil Circuit Ukraine” (USA)
  • JSC “Mukachevo plant” Tochprylad “
  • Ltd. “Nidan +” (USA)
  • JSC “Berehove Radio” (Hungary)
  • Ltd. “ENO-furniture”
  • Ltd. “Svedvud Ukraine” (Netherlands)
  • Ltd. “WET – Automotive Ukraine” (Germany)
  • Ltd. “Hroklin – Carpathians” (Poland)
  • JV “Fisher-Mukachevo.”
  • Foxconn