Building industry in the Ukraine

Building industry in the Ukraine

In the last decade, there has been significant growth in the building sector in the Ukraine, which is a key indicator of the ongoing development and restructuring of the Ukrainian building industry.

The major revival in the context of improving the building sector and transport infrastructure of the country took place within the preparation for EURO 2012 and created huge from foreign companies and investors in entering the local building market.

Hand in hand with the development of the Ukrainian energy industry (increased demand for energy from renewable sources), is the opening up of significant opportunities erg for energy efficient buildings constructions and the installation of photovoltaic systems, etc.

The Ukraine is making efforts to move closer to the more developed Western European countries and thus raise the environmental and cultural level of its population. The systematic development and construction of transport infrastructure is therefore a priority factor for the Ukraine and potential foreign investors.

Therefore, in individual segments of the local building sector, there are many attractive opportunities, such as the construction of warehouses and manufacturing units, modern offices and luxury hotels.

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