Mukachevo real estate

Large object for commercial use

We offer investment objects for your business plans in Trancarpathian Region in the westernmost end of Ukraine.

The real estate is located in Mukachevo (1.5 km from its centre and 0.8 km from main railway station). Access and adjacent road communications are asphalt-surfaced.

The advantageous location of the real estate (45 km Solomonovo municipality) is confirmed for example by nearby VW Group plant together with Audi and Skoda representations.

  • 1.3 km exit to Kiev – Chop highway
  • Uzhgorod 48 km
  • Closest frontier crossings: Hungarian border 50 km, Slovakian border 50km and Romanian border 80 km

Suitable for industrial production and commercial warehousing.

The offered premises are private. Any documents proving ownership are available.

The object includes a factory building with 10m ceiling height and 3.2t cantilever crane. And in addition warehouses, a saw-mill, premises suitable for metal work and other technical production.

The object is completely fenced and guarded. All is checked and prepared for start of operation.

  • Mukachevo, Berehovska st. 7D (on Mukachevo – Berehovo route)
  • Plot has 1.0085 ha
  • 2642 m2 of office and production facilities
  • 205 m2 administrative facilities
  • Water supply, electric power (630 kW/A transformer at place).

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