Why Ukraine?

Ukraine – a country of educated people with investment potential

Ukraine (capital Kiev) with its 47 million inhabitants is 27th largest country in population. Ukraine is also 8th stable industrial producer and one of the leading wheat exporters.

Ukraine is also a high literacy rate country. 16th. position in total number of university students gives important information of literacy of Ukrainians. Kiev, the capital, has about 70 Universities.

Attractively developing markets are promise for forthcoming future

Thanks to huge freely available natural resources the Ukrainian economy is on its way up. GDP in Ukraine in 2010 reached USD 136 billion and in 2011 continued in positively set direction (increase by 5,2%).

Next years brought an imperceptible GDP growth (2012 – 0,2 %, 2013 – 0,6 %). According to qualified forecasting models as early in 2014 a 3% increase is expected which is to confirm economic tendencies of Ukrainian state.

Huge natural resources richer than in Russia or USA

Particular mineral resources (for about 200 species) are in Ukraine. Abundance and variety of minerals easily exceed even the resources of world biggest countries.

Ukrainian nature also provides sufficient reserves of black coal (Doneck region), wood (mixed forest range) and mainly shale gas (according to estimations 3rd largest in Europe).

Also mining volumes, for example manganese (Nikopol manganese field is the largest in the world) belong to very profitable products.

Ukraine has also 30% world share of flourishing agriculture fertile soil (black soil) occupying about 60% of Ukrainian territory.

Advantageous strategic position between Europe and Asia

According to geographical criteria, Ukraine is 44th world largest country and four Pan-European corridors run across it. Thus Ukraine forms a good commercial crossroads on very busy route: Europe – Russia – Central Asia - Middle East.

Russia is a key business partner (27% export and 30% import) with whom Ukraine has signed the Free Trade Agreement. For instance 80% of natural gas is imported from Russia.

There are several important ports in Ukraine (Odessa, Sevastopol) with access to Black and Azov Seas. Further a large air, railway (approx 22 thousand km) and road network (approx. 170 thousand km). An extensive modernisation (construction of new highways and airports) within the infrastructure was in 2012 due to European Football Championship.

Ukraine has frontiers with EU states: Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Hungary and with non-EU states : Russia, Belorussia and Moldavia.

Agrarian sector

Agriculture is one of the most booming industries. More than 20% of country GDP is represented by grains (corn, wheat) potatoes, sugar-beet etc. In southern Ukraine also winegrowing and fishery flourish.

At present honey production and export is growing in Ukraine (45% is exported to Germany). In 2013 the honey export was by 36% higher than in 2012.


Ukrainian machinery is traditionally based in production of machines, cars and airplanes. And world demand in Ukrainian products can be shown for example by growing export of Ukrainian ships.

Russia is permanent customer for Ukrainian locomotives.


It is one of the essential industries (25% of Ukrainian industrial production). It makes 42% of total Ukrainian export for last years (even to South America).

Metallurgic plants are involved in black metallurgy (production of pipes and rolled products) and colour metallurgy (copper, titanium, carbon).

Power industry

Ukraine is one of the dominant producers of power energy for Central and Eastern Europe. The nuclear power plant Zaparozhskaya AEO is the biggest one in Europe and third one in the world. And sufficient amount of thermal and water power plants can found here.

Siemens, Bosch, Contour Global or Legrand have successfully been operating in Ukrainian power industry for several years.

At present the market offers big opportunities within this industry namely in high voltage and power distribution technologies and alternative energy solutions.

IT sector

Ukraine is 5th biggest market for IT outsourcing services. The market turnover in this sector exceeded USD billion.

Travel industry

In 2012 Ukraine was 8th most visited country in Europe, Annually about 20 million tourists visit Ukraine.

The Crimea and Carpathian mountains are the most visited locations.