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Every third Ukrainian has a University degree.

Many people live in idea that only the so called West is a cultivated and highly civilised place.

It is a false idea and many people will be surprised by the fact that Ukraine is a state where education plays important role.

We offer a complex and structured personal service.

Any employer will confirm to you that to find a labour force and not loose money is a really difficult intention.

Ukraine has in this field a great advantage in impressive literacy level and professional skills. Compared to other EU stated the labour costs are lower in Ukraine.

Our aim is to ease work to your personnel managers and provide you with qualified staff according to necessary orientation and required work specifications.

Upon our licence from Ukrainian Labour Department we can offer you our help with solution of personal questions.

Scope of our services:

  • Temporary employment.
  • Outsourcing.
  • Local or international labour force recruitment. Our international services help to Ukrainian workers to find their positions at labour markets in European Union and outside it as well.
  • Support of new staff during temporal period, including transport and further assistance.
  • Provision of work permit and other necessary documentation.

Why to solve the questions just with us?

  • Responsible and stabile services in a country undergoing rapid changes.
  • Extensive knowledge of local labour market.
  • Individual access at selection of employees in order they meet the employer’s requirements with their qualification, knowledge and approach.
  • Flexibility in provision of required amount of employees according to actual needs.

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