Food industry in the Ukraine

Food industry in the Ukraine

Around 15% of the total annual industrial production of the Ukraine is from the food sector. Food production is a key part of Ukrainian export policy. The food industry exports products such as cheese, dairy, sweets and alcoholic beverages (beer, wine and vodka) to Europe.

An interesting fact from an investment perspective of the sector is that the production of food additives (preservatives, emulsifiers, etc.) in the Ukraine is not fully covered in the country so many of these ingredients are imported.

Food production is closely connected to further development in the agricultural sector. Implementation of innovative technologies in production and manufacturing processes in both these fields may bring a major breakthrough and comprehensively increase the profitability of the sector.

For foreign investors, there are manufacturing capacities and large reserves still unexploited in the sector. Are you interested in the attractive investment opportunities in the food industry in the Ukraine? Please contact us for more information.

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