Financial services and insurance in the Ukraine

Financial services and insurance in the Ukraine

Further investment opportunities are derived from the buoyancy level of the financial sector and overall profitability in each industrial area.

Since the financial crisis and stagnation (2008 -2011), the Ukrainian financial industry has taken gradual steps with the clear objective to build a transparent and stable economic industry.

A positive factor is that in 2013, 27% of foreign investment was made solely into the financial sector (mostly from Cyprus, Germany and Holland).

The banking system in the Ukraine is characterized by the diversification of the financial market according to the interest of individual banks in its clients. In the last year, the registered capital of Ukrainian banks increased (by 14%) as well as the overall turnover of values in the banking sector by 11%.

The insurance market is a dynamic environment where the quality of insurance services in recent years has been carefully supervised by the state commission for regulation of the Ukrainian financial services market.

Foreign insurance companies are dominate the insurance market (Poland, Russia, Austria, Germany) with life insurance taking the largest share of the market is living insurance. A large potential for investors may be areas which are not yet fully developed on the market, e.g. on-line insurance.

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